Saturday, December 2, 2006

Where To Go, But Not Eat, In Paris

The Louvre. Go to the museum. Stand in awe of the Venus de Milo. Adore the Mona Lisa. Dining in the Louvre, however, leaves much to be desired. The people are well dressed, as they are many other places, but the decor and food are just so-so. It's missing that special something, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Even the chocolate mousse was disappointing.

The gift shops, on the other hand, are almost worthy of a whole day themselves. There are fantastic things for sale downstairs, but especially upstairs.

The day we went to the Louvre, the museum workers were on strike, so we didn't have to purchase tickets, and the lines were moving at warp speed. The most unusual thing about it was all the people using flash photography in there, with nobody on duty to stop them. Are you surprised the museum was open for visitors with nobody to protect everything? I was.

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