Saturday, December 2, 2006

Errolbank Guest House, Dundee Scotland

While we're in Scotland, let's talk about another little jewel. Errolbank Guest House in Dundee. It's a crying shame Doris doesn't have more pictures online. The ones I can find don't do it justice. I can tell you it's a charming guest house. There is a beautiful garden with a quaint sitting area.

I became quite a fan of the Scottish breakfast while I was in the care of Doris. The Scots don't fool around with breakfast- what an indulgence! It's hearty and delicious. I can't find a picture to do her breakfast justice. It had three kinds of meat, eggs, baked tomato, baked beans, toast, & tea. Possibly oats and potatoes. Who can remember oats or potatoes after all that other stuff?
Contact the guest house for reservations:,en,SCH1/objectId,ACC5161Svs,curr,GBP,season,at1,selectedEntry,home/home.html
I found Dundee to be a great town for a girl with some time on her hands. It feels safe and friendly enough to walk around and discover on your own. There's Dundee University, the ocean, (we picked up some black sand, something to do with an extinct volcano, for my father in law), City Square with plenty of shopping including a fantastic book store, and the Discovery ship. Don't let your teenage daughter go there on her own, though, as Dundee has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Western Europe. A whopping 1 in 16 girls! Of Dundee's 115,000 tourists per year, only 15,000 are said to come from outside the UK.

The Dundee City council has even blessed us with a webcam you can control from your computer to check out the sights around City Square. It's pretty neat. Check it out here:

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