Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun Friday Finds

Our local grocer runs a "Pick 5" all the time. You choose any 5 items from their special selection with a Pick 5 sticker on it and pay only $19.95. This used to be filled with great finds. Now it's usually enough beef roast for one person, less than two pounds of ground beef, sections of trail balogna worth only four dollars in the first place, etc.

Every once in a while there are cuts of meat labeled around the 7-8 dollar price range. Today there were six hams, around 9 pounds a piece, with a price tag around $30 each. So... 6 hams at $4 each = $24 for six hams, a $180 value!

I grabbed all six of them. I kept one for our house, gave one to my daughter's boyfriend, and sent the other four to my grandparents. Viva la ham! (?)

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