Thursday, March 15, 2007

Terrific Thursday Treasure

If you have kids who have handheld video games, here's the best trinket (at an amazingly low price) you'll ever find to accessorize.

With the Ring Boy You get 10 game tabs and the ring for $3.95 or 5 sets for $14.95, both with free shipping.

I've bought a few of these, and they're great because all the games are on the rings instead of in the couch, car seats, etc. For car trips, especially, this is great. No more dropping one little cartridge and looking all over for it. The ring is very lightweight, so it doesn't feel cumbersome, even if you play with it attached.

*I think this is also a good idea for all those plastic cards we have to carry now. Blockbuster, grocery store discount cards, drug store discount cards, insurance cards, prescription cards, airline and hotel cards for points, etc.


  1. Why don't I have one of these? I guess I shouldn't complain- I DO have a slow cooker! I have chicken soup in it right this very minute- YUM!

  2. I want chicken soup! (insert dancing banana here ---> X)