Sunday, May 10, 2009

Catch That Pepsi Spirit!

This was the back of the van yesterday after hunting for Pepsi Throwback. We also had some down in the store room already. Michael and I decided we would build a wall of Pepsi for Luis in his office. Here is what it looked like when we were done today:
Say hi to Tony Blair, who is at the top of the Pepsi wall looking down at me in this picture. So far we have been to 8 stores, some of them twice. It is unfinished, but we will buy more and finish it soon. Hooray for Pepsi Throwback. Have you ever had a wall of Pepsi? A wall of any product?


  1. Wow! Ok, now i really hope you win the giveaway!

  2. I had a wall of girl scout cookies. I had to pick up the troop cookies and It made a huge wall in my living room. Try to lose a little weight during that season was impossible!

  3. Wow...

    So do you plan to drink it or sell it or? lol

  4. Holy cow that is a lot of Pepsi!!! How long will it last you? I just tried it this past weekend. I didn't think it was that bad. It is a taste I could get used to!
    DH tried the Mountain Dew Throwback and hated it!

  5. My husband is from Venezuela, where soft drinks are still made with cane sugar. To him this is a taste of home. I am trying to buy enough to last a year. We have the van full again and are still searching for more.

  6. No wonder other people are having a hard time finding this stuff - you're buying it all.

    You can always hope Pepsi reads this and decides Throwback was such a good idea that they will keep it forever. (be sure to link to their page to help them find yours!)