Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fool Me Once... And I'll Take Your Picture Next Time

From now on, when a worker comes to my house I am taking his photo. And a close up with his badge. And I'm going outside to his work vehicle to take pictures which include the license plate and the fleet number. This way, when someone like Dino from Time Warner Cable comes around and says he will call back first thing in the morning, and he doesn't, I can not only write about him on my blog, but also include photos. Because you know what? One thing more annoying than a sparsely intermittent internet connection for weeks is thinking it is being lied to by the guy who came to repair it.

Dino, why have you forsaken us? I offered you really good coffee. I apologized for the state of my basement. I tried to tell you the problem wasn't in my house, that it was a neighborhood-wide problem. What did you do? You replaced wires in my house. Okay, they might have needed to be replaced. You did some new outside wiring. Okay, I thought that was likely necessary as well. But then? Did you go do a test out at the pole in my front yard? No. You ran tests and realized the problem was still just as we had described it. Then you said 'they' would be running ping tests overnight and you would call first thing in the morning. You never called.

At 2:30 pm I called Time Warner Cable again. I got put through to four different people. I was told they would get with the field guys (I assume that includes Dino, and people like him) and someone would call me back. My phone rang nearly instantly. Dino! No - not Dino. Time Warner Cable. When I answered it was if I had placed the call to them. I had to go through the whole thing all over again. Except this girl said the work order was closed. She said we had two appointments, and got the new wiring we requested. What? We never requested new wiring. And we had one appointment. One.

After those two calls I had spent just under an hour on the phone. I had no resolution. I was told someone would come out to test the pole. Tuesday. Five days away. Time Warner, I might be taking this opportunity to switch over to AT&T for my television and internet. What do you think about that? I will be talking with friends and family to see who has it and how well they like it. If they are satisfied, and you don't do anything to regain my good will, I just may toddle over and spend my monthly money elsewhere.

If you come over to my house make sure you're ready for your close up. I'll be taking your photo.

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  1. You go girl! That's one way to get them on their toes and minding their p's and q's!