Saturday, February 6, 2010

1,000 Tiny Little Kisses

Yesterday when the snow landed all over my face I accepted it as a thousand little kisses. For some reason yesterday, things were okay. It felt so good. I could feel happy without feeling bitterness creep in. Don't mistake this for lack of sadness. I am still the most disappointed I have ever been in my life. Somehow yesterday I managed to embrace the good without repercussion.

Your mom is so great, but you already knew it. When I told my mom yesterday about how she is still hosting the party after the dance we shared our celebration of what a one of a kind family you have. I know it will be good for your mom to host and she is bringing comfort to so many of us by accepting us/our children into her world like she has always done. I have been learning where you learned to be such an organically loving person. Wow - what a family. I wish I had learned this much about them under different circumstances. I'm learning to move my own feelings of inadequacy out of the way so I can reach out to people more. I'm thinking less about how they will measure me and find me failing and more about what I can do for them or with them.

Tonight I will take as many kids as I can fit in my van to dinner, then to the dance. After the dance the cool kids are going to your house. When the party is over the guys are all spending the night together again.

P.S. More cupcake treats for your house tonight, with a few Oreo type thrown in.

P.P.S. We got fifteen inches of snow last night! The Snowball will be snowy this year.

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