Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 3 in 30, Week 2

     Last week I announced my April goals. I'd been sorely slacking when I was going to get this room turned around in the past. This time, it will happen!

     For April I want to accomplish these things:

1. Get all the junk out of the spare room.

2. Get the right stuff from the basement into the newly appointed 'guest room.'

3. Get the furniture stored in the old van into the basement.

     I have to say: So far, so good. We really cleared out that spare room. There are still some things to be painted and moved out of the room. Other than that, it's good! Of course, things are never as simple as it seems. While the room is mostly empty I think it would be a good time to clean the carpets. This always happens to me. A task which sounds easy turns into a long list of things. 

     Things are moving along at a good rate. I give the first week of April two thumbs up!


  1. Great goals - and good progress :) It's always that way - 1 thing leads to another, and then another, and so on!

  2. Yay for goals! Clearing out a room or closet is the best feeling ever! (=