Monday, April 4, 2011

April 3 in 30 - Week One

     Here it is, a hurried little post. I want to get it before the linky closes. 

     For April I want to accomplish these things:

1. Get all the junk out of the spare room.

2. Get the right stuff from the basement into the new 'guest room.'

3. Get the furniture stored in the old van into the basement.

     This will allow me to be much more organized. It will also allow me to have things the way I think they should be. It will also allow me to get rid of the old van, which at this point merely takes up space in the driveway. 
     Sounds simple, doesn't it? Now if only I can get it done!

     You can join the 3 in 30 group any old time you'd like. Just click the 3 in 30 button on the sidebar.

P.S. Would you take just a moment to click on the Chevy banner on the side and 'like' them on facebook? They are donating to Harvest For Hunger for each like they get.

1 comment:

  1. Those are definitely "doable" goals for this month! Break each into smaller tasks and you'll be amazed how quickly they become reality! :)