Monday, May 7, 2012

Failure In Action

     The reason some girls I do not do crafty things more often is this: I get about twenty minutes into it and I feel like I am failing kindergarten. Take today, for example. (Trust me, it's a perfect example.) I have these beautiful pennants I won from a blog giveaway.

      Since these are lovely I decided I would like to make some more. I have saved some favorite pajamas for years waiting for inspiration and they will be perfect for this project. I will admit I was feeling pleased with myself. A little giddy, even. I dug out the sets of pajamas, wrangled up some straight pins, and even found my sewing scissors. I brought the paper cutter into my room for a good hard surface. This, my friends, is going to be great!

     I took down the pennant and decided to use it as a template. It is cumbersome, since it's a whole pennant, so I thought to myself "Self, what you should do is get some greeting card paper and make a template from it. This way you wont cut the pennant you already have." At that point I began to feel a little smug. I was doing everything right!

     I should never, ever, never be smug about anything crafty. I should know enough to just thank God when I don't manage to accidentally cut my sheets, hair, or the clothing I am wearing.

     I decided to use the paper cutter to cut the paper so I wont have a bunch of jaggy "Tammi cut this" looking spots on the card stock I am going to use as a template for my triangles. I am so smarrrrrrrt!!! I am proud of myself.  My husband came in the room as things were just beginning to take a turn for the worst. He asked a question about immigration and I answered him. Then I started to tell him my plan. He got that look you give a person when you know it's hopeless and said he wouldn't bother me any more. That man got out of the room and downstairs as quick as he could! Once he was gone I managed to cut this 'triangle':

Triangle of Failure
     This is why every art teacher I ever knew hated me. By the way, looking around the room for a good photo op for failure is even more frustrating. Wave hello to my cute little guest room clock. I love it  - probably because I didn't make it. Probably even more because whoever did make it could probably cut a triangle with or without a paper cutter. 
     I should have opened a can of paint. I can rescue a piece of furniture and love it.  Cutting triangles is just not in my skill set.


  1. You don't even want to know about the time I gave myself dreadlocks with my Dremel.

  2. I see you also lack the craft gene, you poor thing.