Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

     Things have been super busy for me for a while now. Every time I think I am about to hit a lull, something new comes around the bend. This week has been no exception. I found time for a major project I did all on my own. The guest room had been limping along, bit by bit. It isn't done yet, but it looks very welcoming now. Every time I walk by the guest room door now, I see this:

I need to get pillows and bedside tables. I hope to find some tables I can make over. I also want to do something with the little old desk. It has it's charm, but it could use some love to go from nice to something lovely. The bed itself may have some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. (She just found out she's getting her own line of Milk Paint!)

     In the future I will get a picture to share all the goodies on the desk. There are treasures there, to be sure.

      Friday my son and I went to a town full of garage sales and found a few little things. I'll get pictures and share some soon.  Saturday the sky was giving us freezing rain/sleet/snow/rain, but an antique store produced a magical little find for me. I was thrilled, to put it mildly. My mother gasped when she saw it. I want to get it put in place and pictures of it are sure to follow. It's a great compliment to my antique wooden ironing board.

     Sunday my mother came over and ran "Garage Cleaning Boot Camp" According to my back I overdid it, but the results were worth it. I have things started for the garage sale the first weekend in June. After giving away what was easily half of our stuff when we moved in February, I managed to find more stuff and again have an excess. I will be glad to get even more stuff out of this house.

     They brought a giant machine to take away the stones from our driveway so the concrete could be poured. The machine's hydraulics line broke in our driveway. We were left overnight with a pile of rocks a few feet high in front of our garage. Our van was inside. The next day it was after 3:00 until he showed up again. Not stressful at all.

     Yesterday they finally actually poured our concrete! Yay!

     Today we are allowed to walk on it. I might go dance on it. The grading of our yard can not be far behind. After the final grading and inspection we will have a lawn! I bought my trees and lots of burning  bushes, rose bushes, and berry bushes already, so I am chomping at the bit to get them in the ground.

     There was a lot going on yesterday morning. We had concrete guys prepping the drive and sidewalks while we were getting deliveries. I ordered two couches exactly three and a half eternities ago. They are here and more beautiful than I expected.

     Yes, I realize today's photos are even worse than usual. I tried, I really did. You Sort of get the idea, though: Look! Sofas!

     I don't know about you, but I am happily exhausted.


  1. It all looks fab Tammi, great job! Its a labor of love :) --Ericka

  2. Congrats on getting the driveway in. I bet that feels good!