Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Little Thing

     I have been on a quest to do at least one little thing a day to enhance our home. It can be anything at all, really. I started a guest room makeover one day, fixed up the mantle with books another day, did touch up painting, brought in a new piece of furniture, painted a piece I already had, etc. Anything, really, to add another speck of love to the house.

     After yesterday's failure to cut triangles I hung up an old pajama top on the other guest room window. Things don't have to match, right?

*There's nothing like a photograph to show you when something just isn't right. I for sure need to fix up that left side to make it nicer. But it's a start. And in person the light doesn't seem to show through as brightly and show how crazy-folded it is in the back. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

     The other thing we did today was bring the new-old sideboard into the dining room. A family friend gave this to me (!!!!!) this weekend. It had been in her family for four generations, but nobody had a place for it now. It's a beautiful piece. It needs some love, and I'm not sure yet how to go about it, so for now I'm going to leave it as is. I'll clean it up a bit and let myself get to know it before I do anything drastic.

New-old Sideboard
      Isn't she gorgeous!?

Beautiful side of the New-old Sideboard
     So even though some things feel like slow-going, and I can't cut triangles, I have managed to make the house a bit more loved. In a few days when we can bring vehicles on our new driveway I will be bringing something else great in the house. Right now it is in extended immigration in the van, patiently waiting to move into my front room.

     What are you doing?

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