Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sleeping Like Babies

Have you ever tried to buy a mattress? Did it make you want to poison people, or am I just watching too much  The Borgias?

I told you about the terrible time we had trying to buy a mattress from Macy's.

I swear to you it was the biggest part of no-fun we have had in our married life. And our history includes surviving The Great Paro (political strike) of 2003 in Venezuela with five kids in the house. Fun times!

I still  contend  shopping for a mattress is even more complicated than car shopping. I can get you a good deal on a car - just call me. But mattresses? Ugh.  The names are different for each store, lots of places have a gimmick with the mattress brands where they do some little thing different for them so they can say nobody else carries one like it, etc. It's the shadiest industry, I swear. The mafia's got nothing on the mattress world. I think this is the true reason why they say "Go to the mattresses" -  they know!

We did so much shopping, deliberation, comparison, had quite a few less than stellar nights of sleep, before we made a decision. I read lots of reviews and paid attention to the reasons people did or did not like the decisions they made.

Finally, I decided to call  GoTo Mattress. I am so glad I did.

We ordered the "Beautyrest Recharge World Class Annapolis Place Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress Set" The prices they had beat everything, plus delivery and take away of the old mattress set was included. (Also? No sales tax!)

We have been sleeping like babies for a month now on our new mattress. I'm so happy we stayed with Beautyrest and so happy we decided to buy from GoTo Mattress. I was a little worried about ordering online and not being able to go to the store if we had a problem. Oh, the horror stories people tell when it comes to mattresses! Our experience with GoTo Mattress was great. They even helped me make sure I was getting what I really wanted by researching the mattress I wanted from Macy's and making sure the components matched. There was a very slight difference (It's the mattress game, remember?) but it is wonderful and we can not feel any difference.

This is not something GoTo Mattress asked me to do. They don't even know I am writing this. But gosh, with the trouble we had finding someone we wanted to buy our mattress from I wanted to share the good news about this great company.

You can even go here to try and win a Beautyrest mattress from them by liking them on facebook. They are going to give it away when they get 2,000 likes.


  1. I don't have the guts to shop for a mattress. I haven't done it in a decade. I'm a wimp! I made a friend order one for me that he had ordered for himself and I liked it. Then I moved in with my husband and I still use the mattress he purchased for our bed. I married into it. I'm a wuss. Our dream is a king-sized bed big enough for all four of us and a potential dog. Our reality is four people playing musical beds in three crappyish beds. Win! (not)

  2. I love no sales tax! I have a great bed. I am so going to miss it when I move! When I have to buy furniture again, I will want another one just like it. A great bed is everything!

  3. We need a new bed because ours is squeeky and I hate it! lol

  4. glad to hear it. I agree, I hate shopping for a mattress. First of all, what the hell is the boxspring for?! it doesn't have any springs. It is literally a wood box with fabric!! I think next time I will buy the mattress only and build a box out of plywood and wrap it my damned self. Then, how do I know if THIS is the mattress I will enjoy sleeping on for 10 years!? We bought a new king sized name brand mattress when we moved in. Since we saved the money on delivery and brought it in ourselves, I can tell you when it is going in pieces out the window and the new one can be delivered for me.
    I feel your pain and mildly jealous of your happiness in the new mattress.

  5. Why do you feel it is so difficult to purchase a mattress. Many people would consider a "Root Canal" in favor of selecting a mattress. I've been int eh business - for over 40 years, Must people only by a mattress once every ten years or so so it is a big deal and they worry about making a bad choice. (Not unlike the other things in our lives - say "choosing a Husband or Wife".

    Step up to the plate, go in to a store or store and try some beds, find out the comfort level you like and then - Go To Mattress or, We helped Sleeping Like Babies author, we can help you as well. Email us with any doubts, concerns or questions - I promise we will take away your "Fear of Flopping". You may find yourselves sleeping so well that you'll hate us when the alarm in the AM says it's to to get out of bed.