Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Law Of Attraction:

I managed to attract another iPod towards our house, which is always a good thing! I've also managed to attract a Longchamp pliages duffel, a mini basketball, a Serena Williams pill case with a little satin bag, and a Cavaliers hat and huge t shirt. I actually managed that last one twice, (three times if you add the same hat and t shirt they gave Zachary when he won 4 floor seats and got to be a rebound kid, or whatever they called it. It was a fun night!)

I am ready for a nice big fat old win now, the kind I'll be hesitant to say much about because, sometimes, people get that pinched look when I have something really neat and tell them I won it. My husband and children understand and enjoy the stuff. Ditto my mother. I have an aunt who likes to enter sweepstakes online, so she 'gets it', too.

It's fun, I think. We all decide how we will fritter away our time. Of course I don't win something every day or anything like that, but I figure it might give me some return on the investment of my time. More than playing some solitaire or tetris. Besides, it's great fun when the doorbell rings with a surprise box. It's fun to anticipate the things we know we won while we wait for them to arrive.

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