Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Progress Report, Sort Of

Ten tasks in ten days. What was I thinking? I vaguely remember feeling like it was a great idea to make me get stuff done. I still feel this way, but I've strayed from my original ten somewhat.

Here they are in all their glory:

1. Finish painting my dressing table. Even though I know I will change it soon(ish?) I would like to actually complete something. 

2. Get the pictures from my camera loaded to this computer. It's honestly more difficult than it should be. 

3. Help the boys get their room in order. If I showed a 'before' photo right now you'd faint.

4. Paint the little table which is now residing on my porch.

5. Paint the cute chair which is also residing on the porch right now. 

6. Mani/pedi. This one is long overdue.

7. Get rid of the boxes which managed to homestead in my bedroom. Seriously, when did they take over the room?

8. Pack up the dishes I inherited and store them safely in my bedroom closet shelving. 

9. Clean the inside of the van with all the right stuff so it's shiny-perfect. (Shortcuts are so ugly when it comes to stuff like this. Can you say "Streaked windows"?

10. Do a tax amendment form. Pray for me on this one, I'm flying solo with just my reading comprehension skills.

Instead of finishing the dressing table, I acquired a few more pieces of furniture. Of course I abandoned all my 'old' plans (this list) so I could completely redo a side table. It was a labor intense project and a first time for a lot of what I was doing, so I learned a lot. I do not regret commandeering my time in this way. 

Today I plan on working on more furniture projects. Plans have changed, but I am happy with it. At the end of these ten days I will have accomplished a lot of things I wanted to do. This was the whole point from the beginning, right?

Photos really are on the way!

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