Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Progress report update: Photos


My first project was this little table. I found it last week, very unloved. Sand, prime, paint, L-O-V-E! Boy, this is kind of fun.

Next up, little chair. It was unloved, too. It had a few decades of grime on it. I think I spent more time scrubbing it than anything else. Hello, Ocean Breeze Blue!

I think they make an adorable couple.
By this time I am really having fun with the spray paint, truth be told. Until now I had always been afraid of spray paint and I had never used it before in my life. What was up with that? My mom brought me an adorable patio set and a can of spray paint about six years ago and I still have the paint sitting on it in my basement. I was just too chicken to try it. Guess what I'll be painting soon?

Next  I found this coffee table and a matching end table: 

I decided I was ready to try something a little more complicated, since I am a professional now. (After painting two things) I grabbed the end table and did this: 

Right now these guys are a bit of an odd couple:

Here's a sneak peek at something else I found the day I found the odd couple:
While there may still be boxes in my room, my nails are sans polish, and the boys still haven't had my help with organizing their room, I still feel very accomplished so far.


  1. You really have found some treasures. Good job painting. I haven't tried spraypainting either, but I guess I will have to find myself a project now to try it on. Way to go.

  2. I love that little blue chair! Glad you have joined the spray painting revolution. If you're like me, your fingers will always have a bit of left over paint on them that just won't come off!

  3. Boy!!! You are really rocking the 10 in 10. Love the blue chair. I too have revised my original list. I am somewhat behind but still feeling very productive. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ohhh I love this!! You are crafty, I have done a few projects myself but its been out of necessity...not so much bravery....good on ya MATE!! Came over from the This for That linky!!