Sunday, June 13, 2010

Three days worth of treasure hunting.

My feet are happily exhausted.

On Thursday I went to Goodwill. For some reason I decided I must go to Goodwill. It's odd for me since I have maybe gone to this Goodwill five times in fifteen years - until recently. I got a great mirror for Allie's room - it used to be part of an old dresser. It's very pretty and has lovely character. Then I found a mirror for the boy's room as well. I got quite a few neato glass pieces. One is a glass and silver decanter. I'm waiting for Jeannie to come an make a home in it. I got little crystal salt and pepper shakers, frames and wooden 'thingies' for a bathroom project, and a pyrex beehive cannister. I got a candlestick with great character and a pretty pink globe to a lamp. I had a totally full cart when I left Goodwill. I'm sure I am forgetting things.

Friday I went to a neighborhood garage sale and got a metal miter box with saw, a staple gun, 2 weed whackers, 6 vintage suitcases, a table with two chairs, some great old Hardy Boys books, some beautiful glass decanters, a bowl to replace one I broke in a crock pot, three metal boxes with handles, a cheese cloche, and stack of vintage sheet music - *happydance*!

I went back yesterday and bought a bunch of very old books, nearly half of them first editions. I struck gold when I got a whole set of antique dishes donated to me. (Because I'd gone twice the day before to offer to buy the dessert bowls, and the lady wouldn't break up the set. We are invited to her grandson Matthew's graduation party next Saturday at 1:00) I also got a pretty old typewriter from them. I honestly got so much amazing stuff in the last three days I can not remember all of it. 

I have been working on a few projects, as well. I'm a regular at Home Depot now. I have a dressing table and a dresser in progress, along with a few other pieces either started, or in the planning stages. I hope to share some of these projects here soon. 

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  1. watch out -- thrifting is addictive a during the winter i go 2-3 times a week!