Saturday, October 22, 2011

All The News That's Fit To Tell

Plenty of storage in the kitchen
     Since I was in the neighborhood today I stopped by the model home and talked to Gary. Bless his heart, he puts up with crazy real well. I spent a considerable amount of time doing non-standard requests with him again today. He's coming around to my way of thinking because he even suggested one himself today. Yay Gary!

I have answers back on a couple of my non-standard requests:

* I asked them to change the wall of the master closet/laundry room to give me more closet space.            Answer: Yes    Cost: $25

* I asked them to do a different island for me. I didn't like either island offered with the Ravenna model. Answer: Yes   Cost: $2000

Harry Potter's Room

I have a list of other non-standard requests submitted:

* Double oven and gas cooktop - pending

  One storage room in basement finished - pending (this was Gary's idea!)

* Seat in the master shower - pending re: cost

  Extra outlets in the garage and master closet - pending

* Swap one kitchen cabinet for set of drawers - pending

* Take the stone the rest of the way up the garage for a total stone front - pending

* Wood stairs instead of rough with carpet cover - pending prices 

* Laminate floors upstairs instead of carpet - pending prices  

* According to the local sales reps these things have never been requested for this model before

     I'm sort of waiting for someone, anyone, to tell me I'm not being absurd with the non-standard requests. It's just that I really prefer these things.


  1. Definitely not absurd.. we're spending all this money to build brand new, why can't we have things just the right way ( we want them) ! $25 really for the closet/laundry, really? I mean why do they even bother.
    Now you have me thinking on the island.. Are you getting the morning room? or will this give you more space for a table.
    So curious about the storage room finished off. We are wondering why our prices are what they are. Also..we are nixing the shower seat, had the husband go to the model and get in the shower he barely had any room left to stand comfortably with the 1 foot seat, we are thinking maybe a built in ledge.
    Good luck on prices!

  2. Hi Tammi:

    Its interesting that they didn't know the price on the finished wood steps, it was on our option list and we got them (really glad, but the upgrade was 1000+). The house behind me is a 5-bedroom model and has all stone except for on the front of the garage.

    We asked for a bunch of weird stuff too - it never hurts to ask, and following the blogs, you will see that a lot of things are possible. Don't accept no for an answer if you really want something. Sometimes its possible, but your SR just hasn't heard of it being done.

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progress!

  3. Hi Tammi,
    Well it seems we are both in the Ravenna boat. We too are going with the butterscotch glaze something something Timberlake!
    I see no problem with asking for non-standards, can't hurt and you might get what you want. We didn't go with any "non standard" requests. The things I would consider are things I will do myself; i.e. run outlet boxes for speaker wire (after close), PVC pipe under drive way for underground dog fence, etc... I still have to ask my PM to see if he cares if I have a buddy (licensed master plumber) run lines for deep sink in the garage.
    Where in Ohio are you building?

  4. I know you have been asking about non-standard Ranter says, the wood stairs were on the standard options list...check yours again

    As for other non-standard upgrades, we had over 60 changes and about half of them were non-standard...everything from upgrading our furnace, adding a Moen Spa Shower to the master bathroom, framing out the basement windows so they appear to be 30x30(like the model homes have), pot filler, changed the style of 2 of our island cabinets, changed another cabinet to remove the drawer to accomodate the pot filler, changed the upgraded kitchen faucet to a different model, added a soap dispenser at the kitchen sink, had an Ogee Edge added to our Kitchen Granite, changed the refrigerator that came with the Wet Bar to a nicer model, added a pub table light in the basement, added wall sconces to dining room, changed refrigerator to one that has a ice and water dispenser, fully insulated the entire garage, etc...I know there is more, but off the top of my head thats all I can come up with...some of those are no brainer ones and others are truely custom custom...the pot filler is a good example of that...they had to add the plumbing rough in for it, change the cabinet to accomodate it, cut hole in granite for it, and install the model that we purchased ourselves...Moen does not make a deck mount pot filler and we didn't want it in the thru our blog for more...or ask you you are interested in something...our sales rep was fantastic...everything got submitted for pricing...most pricing was fair except for a few we opted not to do.

  5. They should be able to add outlets just about anywhere for $50 an outlet.

    I love your requests! I hope you get them. You never know unless you ask!