Friday, October 21, 2011

Flooring Is Not Boring

     Welcome to today's edition of  "House News." I'll be your host, as usual. Today we met with Jessica the floor girl and we choose all our flooring and tile for the house. It takes a lot longer than I would have thought because there are so many options. I went there knowing what I was going to do, but nearly every decision I had already made was changed before we were finished. The one thing I know you are all wondering about ( I mean, really, how did you get any sleep?) is the cabinet choice. We settled it today. We are definitely taking the Rushmore cabinets with the maple buttercream glaze. It looks amazing with the floors we chose (which we upgraded while we were at the appointment. It looks amazing with the granite we chose, which we also changed during the appointment. Frankly, pretty much nothing stayed the same as we said it would be going in except the plain old linoleum we kept in the basement bathroom and the laundry room. 

     My kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I'm excited about all the choices we made today. We even decided some things today for the colors meeting we will be having soon. We decide hardware, exterior,  paint and counter tops at that meeting, as far as I know. Now that the decisions are almost done I'm feeling more excited and less overwhelmed. Thank goodness for Jessica, she helped us a lot.

     If anyone else built a Ravenna would you share what non-standard items you requested and how the requests were handled. I don't want to miss out on clever ideas just because I didn't think of them myself.

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  1. We have the same cabinets and LOVE THEM!! What granite did you pick?

    Congrats! The Raveena is a great house!!