Saturday, October 29, 2011

Colors Appointment Today

     Our colors appointment was today. Boy did we go over a lot of stuff! I'll start with the feedback we received to our non standard requests. 

  • We asked for a full stone front: No
  • We asked for a double oven and gas cooktop: No
  • We asked for a drawer stack in the kitchen instead of one of the cabinets: No
  • We asked for the storage room in the basement to be finished as well: Yes - $4,150

      We are still waiting for some information on our stairs and upstairs flooring.

     I learned that putting the cabinets I love in the upstairs hall bath automatically puts them in the basement bath. Hooray! I love that I was able to do oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, interior hardware, and plumbing fixtures. The brushed nickel will not be residing in my house! The proposed start date is November 23rd. It can not come soon enough for me. 

     Julie was phenomenal! She's very meticulous which brought me peace of mind. She's a great compliment to Gary. We spent a few hours today making sure everything was exactly the way it should be. While we have a few things to finalize, we're mostly done and I am relieved the decision making part is coming to an end. It's been fun, but also quite stressful.

     Thursday we meet with Guardian and finalize our stuff with Julie. After that we have our pre-construction meeting with our project manager, Ben. We have heard amazing things about Ben. I am glad he will be the one looking over the construction of our house. 

     I'm really praying my stairs come through the way I want. *fingers crossed*


  1. Thanks! At first they said no. But, I had already forwarded photos from another Ravenna blogger inc. stairs. My sales rep. got together with my project manager, who called the factory, and they are working on it!

    The power of a sales rep who will try anything for you and a fantastic project manager is apparently miraculous!

  2. You should be able to get the hardwood stairs. It shouldn't be a big deal. We opted for them too since they look so much nicer. I can't imagine why you can't have the double oven/gas cooktop combo. That was a requirement for my kitchen. Is there just not enough room for 2 ovens? It looks like you should be able to get them.

  3. Catching up with the blogs and as I have been with others I am surprised at the answers of NO. We made over 60 changes including changing 2 of the cabinets under the island as well as a small cabinet beside the oven getting a configuration change to accommodate a non-standard pot filler. I don't get the NO answer. Ever time they say YES means a little bit more profit so why the NOs.

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