Thursday, November 8, 2012

Progress Report

     A couple of weeks ago I told you about some projects I am working on around the house. Lest any of you realize what a total slacker I am, here is a report of some progress:

Built in Bookshelves in Office. We need more bookshelves!
They are not completed, but they are coming along, right?

Now for the closet by the garage door. The previously useless closet:
Coat closet turned appliance closet. 
 Also unfinished, but coming along. We are going to extend the shelves so they are deeper. Yes, we do need three ice cream makers. We are a big family!

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  1. I'm entertained by the ice cream makers...I have two bowls, but only one actual machine! Same model, too. :)

    I wish we had a quasi-useless closet I could do this to, we only have the pantry to work with (well, that and a gazillion cabinets!). The original coat closet in our house is being ditched for something more useful, and besides it would have been too far from the kitchen.

  2. We have two machines and three bowls- and then we have that ice cream ball, too. I love making our own ice cream!

    If our closet had been near the main entrance I would have transformed it into a pretty mudroom, but alas, I'm working without a closet up there in the main entry.

  3. Please come to my house. My closets are calling.