Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Foyer Party!

     Before you say anything... I know I have already posted these photos on this blog in other places. But! Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick is having a "Show us your house" party and I always post too soon or too late to join in the fun. Doggone it I want to do it this time, so I'm posting the photos again. Please find it adorable rather than annoying. Embrace my neediness, Lord knows I seem to embrace it. So, here goes.

     This one is about Foyers and Mudrooms. Since I have no mudroom, and I attend the gnashing of teeth event about this fact each and every day I will be sharing my front door entry. It's warm and embracing with plenty of room to come in and take off your shoes. 

Come on in!

Welcome Home.  

Have a seat on the pew and take off your shoes. 

Gratuitous picture of the same thing for no other reason than I like it. 
     As you can see I haven't done anything fancy yet. My big floppy hat is there to save me from ruin when I walk the dogs. I snagged the old windows from my grandparent's house when they replaced them last winter, so they will go on the wall above the pew. One day. When I get to it. There is so much to do in a brand new house to make it really ours. 

     I hope you like it! I hope you leave me gushing comments telling me how charming it is! I hope you go over and see some more at Sarah's par-tay!

Thrifty Decor Chick

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  1. Love the sepia version of the photos. Your foyer is certainly charming.

  2. Love the pew! I don't have a mudroom either. :( I'm so jealous of those who do!