Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Reality - What Is Wrong With This Picture?

      Reality is rarely exactly as I had planned things would be. Part of the reason for me is I plan all of these projects, I dream them up in my mind, and they are so pretty. Then I do them, look at them, and think 'Aw shucks, this isn't what I thought it would be like. Everyone else's stuff seems so polished and perfect.' I feel like the kid in art class who never quite got it. This could be because I was always the kid in art class who never quite gets it. You might be thinking I am just too hard on myself, but if you get a super close look, you will see what I mean: 

Exhibit 1: Bookshelf trim not caulked or painted. See how nicely it lines up?  

Exhibit 2: Although the shelves were made deeper in the appliance garage, I still haven't painted and prettied it up at all.
I am afraid I will never get my embossed "Grown Up" card.
You guys have those, right?

Exhibit 3: What the heck happened to my stoop? I dunno!? It was like this yesterday.

Exhibit 4: All those rocks were what we dug up in lieu of dirt when the azaleas were planted too close together and never moved.
Ignore the non-existent upgraded lawn. Thanks for nothing on that one, Ryan Homes. 

The drop cloth I bought for curtains, still in the washer.
This would be no big deal if I had not failed to remove it for four days straight.
That's right folks, it's on it's FIFTH wash cycle right now.
I'm sure my Grown Up card is just lost in the mail, right?

blurry photo of the marks made on the wall just hours after I did touch up painting all over the house. 

The dog toy, leaves (other dog toys) and a different, already washed and dry drop cloth.
I am using it to make a screen the dogs can not penetrate so we can put the tree in the front room.
What? Don't judge me. 

Dining room. Someone needs to come and make my stuff look magically delicious.
 Marian? Miss Mustard Seed? Sarah? Thrifty Decor Chick?
Ann? Can I get a "No Doy"? Anyone? Ferris?

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  1. This is the best post ever!!! Especially because I feel exactly the same way. Seriously, how is it that in my head my projects looks amazing.... Then I actually do them and my vision resembles my children's elementary art work!! Someday the magic craft fairy is going to make it to my house.... I'll send her your way when I'm done with her. Lol! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Tammigirl - You are super Hard on yourself. Practice makes perfect and I don't always get projects right either.

    In fact.. I have days where I go around and fix all the issues that you have in my house.

    When in doubt buy more Milk Paint and paint everything =)

  3. Oh, I know these are just unfinished - they WILL look fabulous. One day. Soon. I hope.

  4. ok by the time I got to the burlap curtains still in the washing machine I just bust out laughing / anytime you want to feel better just come over to my blog and read about my Mis- Adventures in Sewing ha ha