Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Show Me Your Tree

Duuuuude! I want to see your house all decorated up for Christmas! So what are you waiting for? Show. it. to. me!

First, I should show you my house all decorated up, right? Well I would, if it was done. We do not have the bottom piece to our tree. Maybe it got gone with the 3 truck and trailer loads of stuff we donated from our old house? Seriously, I do not know how we got so much stuff.

Anyway, yesterday morning at the crack of 8:00 I took the puppy outside for a squat and saw my neighbor donating a huge tree to Salvation Army. If I knew they were getting rid of a tree I would have asked to use it. Alas, I was too late and just a tiny bit too proud and bad breathy to go chase down the Salvation army truck guys. So I did the next best thing, and stopped by the store. Oh boy do they have trees! I got a lovely tree for... $14.99. If you are feeling sad and treeless go to a Salvation Army store. You can turn your frown upside down. I also got wreaths for 1.99 each! I never would have thought to go there had the truck not been out front yesterday morning. So there's my Christmas miracle. (Now, I would still take an any-other-day miracle and be so super glad to see my wedding rings again.)

Since my house is in a state of upheaval, and items are being moved every few hours/minutes/seconds, depending on the time, what better time to share, right? 

Here, in whatever order blogger decides, are some photos of my grand decorating skills. Or whatever.  

This morning things looked like this

Now it looks like this
Does it make me a bad person if I offered my neighbor's dog a cookie if he would stop barking?

Even if he didn't stop, so got no cookie? Just curious.

Now it's your turn. Share your photos with us! Let your friends come and vote for your photos (all in fun, everyone likes to vote for their friends, right? The prize is bragging rights. Also up for grabs is a $25 Amazon gift card, drawn from everyone who leaves a comment on this post. *Unless we win powerball. If we do, the prize is ridiculous awesome. Like iPad minis for you and your spouse and all your kids!  And A laptop computers, too! Why not? It's five hundred million dollars, people! 

*Giveaway will end Dec 12th  - linky will still be open. 

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  1. Nice decorating skills!

    I am a little sad that I have to wait until next Christmas to decorate. We donated our small tree to Goodwill during the move to the apartment though... and since we are hoping to catch a good after Christmas sale on a big, full sized tree... no decorating for us this year. I will just have to live vicariously through everyone that can decorate now!

  2. Oops - thought you just wanted tree pictures. Now I see you just said any Christmas decorations. Oh well.

  3. Your tree looks beautiful and so do those floors!! My tree is up and I am just taking pictures tonight, so hopefully I will remember to come back and link up! Thanks for stopping to visit me! Glad you found a tree and I hope you find your rings!

  4. Our moving truck arrives Friday and I am having the movers leave all the Christmas stuff upstairs so I can put them out immediately. Actually, got the keys today and we already have some wooden reindeer and candles on the mantel (thank you Costco). I will take pics ASAP.

  5. We're still trying to figure out what decorations we'll even get up in time for Christmas at the new house. We close in about 2 weeks, so I haven't even had the chance to think through it! :O

  6. But we haven't decorated yet! And we have an itty bitty Charlie Brown tree. I gave up on normal size trees when the cat was around 2, she is now 14.

    I will get a picture eventually though. Your house looks lovely. xox

  7. Thanks for this giveaway. I love seeing other people's Christmas trees, they all look lovely, festive, and colorful!

    Carmen Q
    nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com

  8. Unfortunately our artificial tree is looking a little anemic this year. I think we definitely need a new tree next year.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

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  10. I don't know how to post a photo here, but I just posted one on Facebook for you. I had to get a table-top tree so Boo Boo can't attack it. Sparkly purple-pink! Although I miss all my ornaments, this one is kind of fun.

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  12. thanks to our 12 month old and 24 month old the tree is only decorated on the top half :) i love your decorations though.

  13. I can never get a good picture of my decorations. The lights always look anemic and once photographed I see every bare spot on my tree. There are some really pretty decorations on this page, though.