Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Invasion

     One day, you're going along and everything is just fine. The next day? You find mouse poo in your garage. And you see that you've lazily removed Pepsi cans from the van and put them on a couple of surfaces in said garage. Then you notice the awesome red blanket you won in a giveaway with the Sonic Drive in logo on it has a hole in it. And you freak out, just a lot bit. That was me yesterday.

     I really want to kick the arse of the person who threw their little bag of Wendy's trash under the ladder. And I really want to stop hating myself for putting out the welcome wagon of Pepsi cans. I knew Sarah was my hero, but I did NOT say I wanted to be 'justlikeher'. I did not! (If you click on that link you'll see her recent mouse story) And if I did think I wanted to be just like her I didn't mean in this one specific instance, sassy universe! 

     Take this as a warning, all you lazy folks. Do as I say, not as I do. (This is always good advice from me) Do not be too lazy to walk the extra few steps to the trash bin thereby inviting critters into your space. It's tragic.

     I looked for signs inside the back door. I'm terrified the critters will have rushed in while we were walking into the house. So far I see no signs. It's cold comfort, though. I went out last night and bought wedges of poison. Threw down four of those in the garage and I will be throwing some in the basement around the food storage area. The main level of the house and upstairs will be protected with the early prayer system, because we have two little dogs. 

     I really hope by throwing out the blanket, the Wendy's bag and the Pepsi cans and putting out the poison the problem will be solved. Oh please, please, please let it be solved. If you have any tips or advice let please share!


  1. Tammi,
    rest assured that it's easily repairable. We found mouse poo in the garage a few months after moving in. While our garage is free of loose trash, it does have recycle bins. So I bought the trays of mouse bait and placed them in all corners of the garage. With in days I found the little guy dead in the corner. Since then, I have found and removed, from my garage, a few more. I attribute their presence to the fact I have woods behind me and two doors down (cul-de-sac). My only warning is to ensure the mouse bait is hidden and inaccessible to small dogs. I failed to replace a moved concrete bag and my little Morky knocked down a little over half. That was a trip to the emergency vet and a few hundred dollars I could have avoided.

  2. Ditto sgt rich! We've caught 3 so far in the garage and live behind a big open field. The glue traps are awesome!