Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Six Simple Ways To Improve Pinterest

Pinterest is such a fun place! I love it, as evidenced by my barrage of  boards, my plethora of pins, my followers, and the people I follow. I have always felt like I should have a place to save things besides the bookmarks bar, and now we all have that wondrous place called Pinterest. If you need an invite, just hit me up for one - I'll be glad to send one to you. 

There are a few things I think the folks at Pinterest have missed, when it comes to being user-friendly. I would love to see them added, and thought they would have been by now. Here, in no particular order, are the things I wish Pinterest would change:

1. Drop down menu for boards is not easy to navigate. I have to manually scroll through the whole thing every time I pin something new. It would be nice if it was like most other drop down menus and I could click on the first letter to get where I want to go. 

2. Once you pin something to one board, there is not an easy way to move it to a different board. You can pin it to a new board and erase it from the board it is in. It would be nice to have an option to move things. 

3. It would likewise be nice to have a way to merge boards, which currently is not possible without pinning all of one board onto another board and erasing the old board. 

4. Have a way/place to see comments. If someone leaves a comment on a pin of mine I will never know unless I happen to look at that pin and see it. There is no notification system, so forget asking someone a question and getting an answer. 

5. Of course, there is no way to send a message to anyone via Pinterest. If they put other ways to contact them in their Pinterest header/profile you can do it outside of Pinterest. 

6. You can not rearrange things inside of your boards. Say you want to do a theme board. You find a bunch of a certain item and now you want to arrange them in alphabetical or chronological order. Or you want to arrange by color, shape, size, price, etc. Well forget it. Because you can't move things around once they are in a pin board. Which, by they way, is the total opposite of a real-life pin board, where you would definitely move things around.You can rearrange your boards in your profile, but you can not rearrange pins in your boards. 

Maybe one day Pinterest will give us all of these things and more. It sure would be nice to have it be a little bit more functional and user-friendly. Pinterest, are you listening?

What else do you wish for, Pinterest lovers? 


  1. There is a way to move a pin from one board to another. If you click edit on the pin that you want to move there should be a drop down list of your boards... just change the board name and click save.

  2. Ah, M beat me to it. I have created new boards to split other boards this way. Also, when I leave a comment or someone else leaves a comment on my pin, I get an email notification.

  3. I get notifications every time someone comments, likes or repins one of my pins. Don't ask me how I made that happen, because I have no clue... maybe it was a setting when I first signed up or something. Although it would be nice if you could somehow subscribe to receive follow up comments if you comment on someone else's pin.

  4. Oh, you know what? I have moved pins via the edit button. I still think they need to make it simpler to move a block of pins if you want to do it.

    Wow! You guys get emails about comments and stuff? I would not want emails every time someone pins my stuff - that would be a ton of emails. But comments would be lovely. Is it easy to find the commented pin from the email?