Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Upgrades and Migraines

     We have been doing mattress shopping. Is there a worse kind of shopping to do than shopping for mattresses? It's more confusing than shopping for a car when the options are all in packages called "K" or "L" or "Hollywood" and you have no idea what actual options come in those packages. Our old mattress, which is thirteen years old, has that Scottish burial mound thing happening. We think we have (mostly) made our decision and are working on some financial logistics so we can actually place the order and pay for it. It seems I did the thing I am always supposed to do for purchases of this type, only to find out I need to make different arrangements. This will take me a few days to figure out. Meanwhile, we are still sleeping in the Scottish cemetery. With pets. Which may or may not make it a pet cemetery? And why do I keep spelling cemetery with an 'a' instead of the final 'e'? Would two corrections via red squiggly line not be enough for me? The answer is no. 

      This Saturday I want to go to the local Habitat For Humanity resale shop and see if they have any king sized beds. We were there once when they had a lovely antique bed. We were not in the market at that time.  Yes, I have been building a bed - a queen size bed. Since it is mattress buying time we thought it would be a good time to upgrade to a larger bed. I have been searching Craigslist, but so far I have not been able to get just the bed for a price I am willing to pay.  Wish me luck! I look forward to getting one more thing checked off my list. 

     I am on day three of a migraine. It makes me, when left alone, melancholy in a way which leads me to want to listen to Cole Porter songs and cuddle doggies. When not left alone it makes me irritable. You're welcome, family. 

     I have done zero projects lately, unless you count moving things as a project. I did help move my daughter back into our house after her college graduation and bring a desk into my room and move lots of things from drawers in my nightstand to the desk. I brought even more things from the desk in the guest room into the new desk in my room. 

     In other news, I have covered the mirror on my dressing table with a tablecloth so the little dog would stop barking and howling at herself. She was not appreciating my migraine situation.


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon. Have you looked into the sleep number bed? I think that is what we are going to end up getting.

  2. My mom bought a sleep number bed a few years ago and she loves it. I read they aren't great for couples. I mean, they are good for couples for sleeping, but not for coupling. I'm not sure how I feel about this information.