Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Decapitated Dolls Included

     Yesterday's ice? It's gone! Current temperature: 2 degrees above freezing! This means today I leave the house. Today I fill up the spaceship with unleaded at $3.69 a gallon minus my 60 cents a gallon fuelperks - so $3.04 a gallon, (such a deal!*read sarcasm) and run it through the car wash, because even from miles away I can hear my granddad say "You need to get that stuff off your car when it's gets above freezing." 'That stuff' being the chemicals they put on the roads to melt the snow and ice. Then we get to do fun stuff. Or what passes as fun stuff at our house.

     Now, usually I don't tell what I am going to do before I do it. I don't want to cause a huge mob to form everywhere I appear. But today I throw caution to the wind and announce, in advance, that I am going to the Habitat For Humanity Restore in Medina with my husband. Where we will be looking for an awesome vintage or antique bed frame, inspiration for the kitchen island that, so far, is only a gleam in my eye. But I will dream it and design it and create it. Just you wait and see. Also, I'll be looking for a big piece of wood with fancy curves and intricate details to mount at the ceiling at the opening to the bathtub in the master bathroom. I am enthralled by this photo:

     Isn't it lovely? I will do it without the curtains. Although I love the softness they add, I am just not feeling it for my own bathroom. I'll also skip the creepy (to me) decapitated dolls on top. I promise. I want the top of mine to butt up to the ceiling. I think.

     Wish us luck!

     What are you doing this weekend? Anything as exciting as this?

*If you do decide to show up at the HFH Restore and ask for my autograph please bring your own sharpie marker. I do not carry anything with me when I shop.

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