Monday, April 8, 2013

I Really Have No Idea

There's no good way I can think of to introduce this. It's comments I left on other blogs. Great blogs. You'll see.

Just now: 

"We didn’t so much play tag, but woe be to the one who knocked chocolate after a fart. Please tell me I’m not the only one who understands this."

I grew up in an area which was not so much a neighborhood. Lots were big and driveways were long. But the house nearest ours had twin girls my age. The only people in the age group to be found for a long while, except during sometimes when a local celebrity would bring his brood to summer across the street. Lynn and Lori Pipes may be the only two people in the world who 'get' this, wherever they are. 

"Oh my gosh! That is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen who isn't one of mine. So of course the question begs to be answered: Can I have her?"   @

You have to go see her blog. Her wee ones are adorable, she takes amazing photographs, and she writes to your heart.

"If your family doesn't feel finished nothing else much matters. As my husband always likes to say to me "There are ways and ways.
Which simply means your kids will find ways to go to college no matter what. Even if you can't pay for it for them. Lots of kids work their own way through or take out loans for ALL of it, out of necessity. And lots of kids know to work for scholarships. 
I think we all like to think if we don't do anything to upset the delicate balance of life when it is good and easy then it will stay this way forever. But tomorrow something unexpected could happen to change it all forever anyway. Trust God, yourselves, and the universe to know it will all be okay. 
Gosh I miss baby chub."

She's beautiful, sweet, and writes another heartfelt blog. 

"That house was adorable, and I was always jealous of your curved wall. We built a brand new house, and while it's lovely in a million happy ways, there are no curves. 
Your house was so 'you' and that made it a super-cool-party-people house. But the house you find and fall in love with, the one big enough for the whole Luke + Erin clan, will turn into a new, somehow even better version of 'you' and be even more amazing than the cute little house with the curved wall. And in this house your kids will bring all their friends, you will watch crowds grow up, you guys will plant stuff and watch it grow for decades, maybe. The kids will claim their spaces - the ones in which they will go through all the different phases of life. 
It's been almost a year for us and I still mourn my old house a little bit. Not the house itself, which I did not love at all. I mourn the place where the house sat, the view of town hall, the romance of living right at the center of the smallest town in the U.S.A. The one where everyone even knows your dog's name. 
Wow, Erin, I just came here this morning to say I miss your words all over this page. And when I did, to my happy surprise, there were new words from you on this page. And it made my heart so happy to hear from you again."

If you have never read Erin's blog, you should. It's my favorite blog in the world. I have a lot of others which vie for spot #2. Erin seems like a truly kindred spirit and oh so very real. I have this feeling if I went digging through family trees I would find a connection.

"Oh my gosh! You poor thing, you're as crazy as all the rest of us. So you're normal. Embrace the crazy because it's here to stay. (although it seems like you are already embracing it) Not exactly reassuring, but what are you gonna do? Once Gracie is older, and she starts getting her personality in full bloom, well... Let's just say you wont have as much time to be afraid of this stuff because you'll be afraid that if she rolls her eyes at you one more time today you might be tempted to ship her off to boarding school, which God knows none of us can afford. So you'll be busier worrying about how to pay for boarding school and you'll have less time to focus on lint spiders and cabinet people. Trust me, I was a full-on basket case when my first daughter was born. Butas she turned into her own person with her own attitudes,(and don't even get me started about my 2nd daughter and her attitudes) I was faced with new fears like "Gosh, I hope I don't lose my temper with her when she gets back up out of bed one hundred and nineteen times after I put her to bed tonight." 
Okay, okay. I'm Tammi and I leave long comments. So sue me. 
p.s. You are adorable. You'll be 'fine'. Whatever that means."

This is a blog I just found and she's young, has a new baby, and also 'writes real'. 

Would you like me to perform some rites of absolution for you? I mean, we could involve chocolate, ice cream, and possibly a fruity drink.It’s easy to forgive other people. It’s hard to forgive yourself. Do you trust yourself? The person you are now? If so, you have already forgiven yourself but you forgot to send the part of you which holds guilt the memo.
Another newly found blog, but she also writes real. Sometimes in the world of blogs it's hard to find, so I treasure it.

Go on now, go read their blogs.

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