Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tax Day 2013 - Glad It Is Over!

Yesterday was one of those crazy-busy days I almost never have. Seriously, I:

  • Paid bills
  • filed federal taxes
  • filed state taxes
  • took my daughter to the doctor 
  • went to my own doctor's office 
  • had lunch with my daughter, which was so nice 
  • stopped in Aldi's for refried beans, which they didn't have. So I bought trees and rosebushes and cheese. (Don't judge.) 
  • stopped for one gallon of gas. (judge, don't judge - who am I to judge?)
  • went to town hall
  • went to the appliance store 
  • sent my daughter next door to Time Warner Cable to inquire about bad remote
  • stopped and looked at some hand painted furniture
  • went to the library
  • went to the hardware store
  • got gas (for the van) with my discount!
  • washed the van
  • did my city taxes
  • ran to the post office
  • Went to my cousin's house for baby snuggles
  • Brought the baby and another cutie home with me
  • Answered emails, responded to facebook items, texted my mom
  • made something to eat
  • Sat and talked with my kids about this and that. 
  • texted something sweet about my cousin's girls to my mom
  • snuggled puppies
  • hummed Leonard Cohen songs throughout everything
If this is what days are like for most people most of the time, you can keep it! I felt like I did a lot in the day, but man... it was a blur. 

Never before have I waited to file taxes like this. And we bought a house this year, so the taxes were not as simple as before. You know how it is... you do things forever and you know what you're doing, but throw in college and home buying and the taxes change. Then add city taxes, which I almost forgot about completely. It got a little nerve-wracking yesterday. 

Today is for resting, maybe baking, painting some furniture. I want one hot dry day so I can rip the registers out on the main floor and give them a good blast of oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Everything else in the house is oil rubbed bronze, but the registers are that odd not-quite-beige color. The registers upstairs and in the basement are in the ceilings and are white, so the main floor is the only place I need to fix.


  1. :) Phew...that was a long list!
    I haven't felt content with a day's work for a long damn time...but I won't grudge you that. :) *thumbs up*

  2. I think if I listed my day like this more often, I'd surely have more self esteem because it would be evident to me that we are all superheroes.

  3. Most people file their taxes when the deadline is within their grasp. It's actually a hassle because you tend to file with others who are also beating the deadline. That is the reason why I prepare my taxes ahead of time. At this point, I don't feel pressured because I've done my part with no sense of urgency.

    Sunday Hindman

  4. I go into stores all the time for things like refried beans and come out with plants and hair conditioner or something. I have days - many of them - where I am racing through life so fast that it's a blur. I don't love them but it's nice to also know that certain things can be crossed off the list.