Friday, April 26, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA

     My first two days in Pittsburgh, the ones when I wasn't vomiting violently, were actually pretty. Well, and the third morning. That fateful morning I took a walk alone, through the University area. Okay, I walked a few blocks of Forbes Avenue. Anyway, it was gorgeous.

     The buildings in Pittsburgh were impressive. I would love to go take a ton of pictures with something other than an iPhone one day. There was a lot to see. I stayed mostly in the hotel. When I left it was in the shuttle or on foot. Shuttle drivers scare me. At one point ours yelled out "RUN THEM OVER!" while honking his horn. Apparently he does not care if the Penguins fans are walking to the game from their scattered parking areas, he wants them out of the way, period. My feet took me as far as they would take me, which wasn't far. 

Pittsburgh, University Circle - Lots of Tulips 

Pittsburgh, University Circle

Pittsburgh Athletic Building, or so it said.

Walking in a campus building area, looking towards the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.

Walking along Forbes Ave., there are so many interesting buildings. Pittsburgh is beautiful! 


  1. i love pittsburgh! i have only been there once but think it's a great city! I didn't really get to site see very much since I was there for work, would love to go back!

  2. I graduated at Soldiers and Sailors hall!!!

    May I ask why you were visiting PITT in my hometown? Can I help with anything??

    1. My husband had to go, and since it is so close he drove and I went with him. I had hoped to get to IKEA, but got so sick it was impossible. Maybe next time.

      You have a beautiful city!

  3. Oh dear! A stomach bug on a trip? That hardly seems right. And your shuttle driver sounds like me. I would never really run anyone over but my sister will tell you about what it was like driving through tourist-laden San Francisco with me. I yelled some pretty choice things out the window. I'm not proud of it.