Monday, February 27, 2012

Charlie's L'Etoile Verte

     I have no idea why they only gave themselves a green star. Clearly they were being modest because we give them a gold star and four enthusiastic thumbs up! We went for lunch on Wednesday and tried to go for lunch again on Friday, but they were closed. This broke our hearts. No, really, it did. The lunch menu was quite impressive. Even more impressive was the food when it was delivered to our table. Amazing. The freshest of the fresh. They do not ignore a single detail at Charlie's

     Their sweet tea was right on the money, they brought fresh lovely bread to the table, the mixed greens with a champagne vinagrette was fresh and lovely, the duck was perfect and the fish was yummy. The sides were prepared with so much love and attention to quality that I cleaned my plate. Garden fresh peas and carrots - this from a girl who understands 'garden fresh'.

     Charlie's writes their menu daily. Daily! They do it to give you what's fresh and good each day. Isn't that lovely? Shouldn't everyone do this? Top this off with a price you will not believe. Also, if you're a wino? They have you covered! We could have paid at least this much for lunch at any casual dining chain.

     When I am in Hilton Head I would like to have lunch here daily.
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