Thursday, February 23, 2012

So You Have A New House

     Now What?

     Although I got the oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures, the faucet in the kitchen has a chrome finish.  This, the stainless steel sink, and even the oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets, I have rubbed with waxed paper so they don't get ugly water spots. Works like a charm, and everyone has waxed paper, right?

     We have these beautiful glass shower doors in the master bath. I have cleaned them with Clorox wipes and Invisible Glass, which works great. (I love both the spray and the wipes) But tomorrow I am going to Rain-X  the doors, both the glass and the frames. Might as well get that water to sheet right off, rather than build up on the doors, right? I hope doing this from the time they are brand new will keep them nice.

     While we are talking about what I plan to do tomorrow, I am going to use car wax on the top of my stove. I hear this will make it much easier to clean up spills so they do not become stuck on spills. (I have a gas cooktop)

     I am also a huge fan of Bar Keepers Friend. I have used the powder in the gold can for over twenty years. It's way less abrasive than Comet or Ajax, and I think it works better. I already used it to take a rust spot off my stainless steel kitchen sink.

     When I moved to this new house I got rid of most of the cleaning products I was using, and just brought a few great ones. One of the other ones I brought is Quick N' Brite. That stuff is magic! Four generations in my family swear by it for anything from cleaning grease and oil out of carpeting in the car to cutting the grime in the bathtub. It's very safe, too. I like a product safe enough to use around babies and pets. Shouldn't everything in our homes be safe around humans and pets?

     Do you have any tips or tricks to help us start off on the right foot?




  1. I try and use all natural products whenever possible. I use vinegar for the shower, borax and washing soda for laundry, and just plain old baking soda for the kitchen. I use baking soda for scrubbing pots, cleaning the stove, and turning my white sink back to white when pots leave silver marks. I found baking soda to be much cheaper than comet, soft scrub, and even Bon Ami (same as Bar Keepers Friend).

  2. I love Bar Keeper's Friend. I used to use Bon Ami and then one time the store was out so I bought BKF and I've been using that ever since.
    I like the idea of RainX for the shower doors. We have a whole house filter/softener that does a great job of helping to eliminate hard water stains.
    I second GinaK on the baking soda. It's amazing what it can do. I also like all natural cleaning products (and even better, homemade ones).

  3. I recycle all paper board, but not through the local waste company...they charge. So I throw it into a bin and take to recycle dumpster every couple weeks. Because my trash is paper free, I can use grocery store bags for garbage. Less trash, No cost bags, better environment. win, win, win.

    For the floor, I use the Bruce's Hard wood spray cleaner weekly. In between, I put hot water in the Rubbermaid Reveal and do quick floor cleaning.