Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frugal, Lazy Fix For Builder Grade Doors With Big Gaps At The Bottom

     As much as the gaps under the doors make me crazy, they were bugging my husband even more. Today I browsed the local hardware store and inspiration struck! Mind you, this is probably not a permanent fix for any of us. That said, it could hold us over well until we are ready to do the work of fixing wood to the bottom of the doors or replacing the doors.

This is the remainder of the Polyethylene Pipe Wrap Insulation I bought at Lowes for $1.18

This is how it opens when you pull it apart at the pre-cut slit.

This is how it looks after I shoved two pieces of it under my door, one wrapped around the other. (kind of the same way you stack your bowls or measuring cups. Nothing fancy here folks)

Just for good measure, this is how it looks from the end.

     Now I'm sure some of you have been told you need these gaps under the doors for air return. But talk to any HVAC guy and he will tell you this is a line of rubbish. I'll leave it to the pros to explain it, but it comes down to a 3 cubic foot hole in a door would be necessary for proper air return, and the little inch (or even two) underneath is not doing the job. We have return air vents in every room.

     I'm sure you can wrap some fabric around the outside and make it prettier. I would not recommend spray paint, because I know it dissolves Styrofoam, and this is too close for comfort for me. I did not have to use any adhesive or anything else to attach it, it is cuddling up to the door all by  itself.

*Sadly, these images are my own and I do have to claim them. I don't even know how I can blame the 'crappy cel phone picture' since it's 8GB, but I am anyway.


  1. you know, at first I thought they would bug me. But they don't. I have found they are beneficial on the doors over hardwood as my dust mop sweeps right under with no issues. Do you put these on all your doors or just the basement door?

  2. Hmmm, quite annoying by your description, how about

  3. and just found this

  4. That's the door from the upstairs hardwood hallway to the master bedroom.