Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Shine Project



     Every once in a while someone comes along who helps us express what is in our hearts. These people are our treasures. If we are lucky, we get to have them as friends forever. Sometimes, though, they reach out and share something with us from a distance. That's the case this time. I don't personally know Ashley, but I love her idea, The Shine Project.

     In a nutshell, the shine project encourages people to do nice things. To enrich their own lives by enriching others. It's a kind of pay it forward project, for everyone to have a chance to shine their own light in their own way. It could just stop there an I would already be in love with it. But it doesn't. There is a Shine Store and there are Shine events and in the end kids are getting help with college scholarships and leadership mentoring.

     Go look at The Shine Project yourself. It's pretty interesting and inspiring.

Look at the stuff I just ordered from the  Shine Store:

Love this so much!

Shine Wristband

Shine Necklace

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