Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FYI: Ryan Homes Bruce/Armstrong Hardwood Floors

 Just a quick FYI: 

     If you are building your Ryan home and getting (or considering) hardwoods you can go to Home Depot pick up a free sample of the flooring. They have at least a couple different sizes. They are right at the hardwood display, so you don't have to pry one away from a sales person. There are plenty! I grabbed one of each size, even though I had ordered one through the mail during construction. Because it's nice to have a small piece of my floor to carry around. When our house was under construction I practically slept with the thing under my pillow! It's also good to have if you want to test out a repair or who-knows-what before you do it on your actual floor. 

   You're welcome!


  1. Thanks a lot, Tammigirl! I will take a peek to see! I have the Dundee Espresso Hardwood Floors. I would love to have a sample!

  2. did you not have extra remaining when you closed? I have plenty left over. Trying to figure out what I can do with them.

  3. Just returned from Home Depot! They did not have the Dundee Espresso sample! It looked like they did not carry Dundee. ;-(

  4. I'm sorry about that - I know they had the hand scraped dark brown, but I don't know the name off hand.