Thursday, August 9, 2012

Help Wanted: Window Coverings

     With 28 new windows to cover, a girl can spend a lot of money. But not this girl. I do not want to spend a fortune covering windows. I also want my window coverings to be something which will last. So far I have beautiful sheers on them, which I entirely love. They are staying. 

     The thing is, I need something for blocking out the sun sometimes. Not at night - like pictured above, obviously.  Covering twenty-eight windows is no small feat. I have an idea for some of them, which I will be sharing with you as soon as I do it. 

     But for the rest I'm kind of at a loss.  So - what did you find? Anything great? Any great deals? 


  1. I'm not sure about the good deals part. But I am a fan of West Elm's window coverings. Did the LR and DR in the old house with them. Great quality.

    I've also gotten custom roman shades from Smith and Noble before. Also not cheap. But a great option for odd-sized windows.

  2. I recommend for your standardish windows, the cheapy-s from Lowe's. White, 1-inc vinyl for $4.16 each. Probably won't last for ever but gives some privacy and light blockage.

  3. wait a min, i just wanna know how in the world u got hardwood on the 2nd floor, once again i feel jipped