Thursday, August 16, 2012

Murder On The Garage Floor

     I could really cry right now. When I ripped into my paint I mixed up just a little bit at first. Then, after using it and letting it dry, I decided to mix up the rest of the batch. I was so happy, just whizzing along, paintbrush in one hand, Pandora radio blasting out of my back pocket, when it happened... I lifted up one of Dinah's doors to get in her nooks and crannies and I flipped the whole quart of paint right onto the floor.

     I spent the better part of half an hour hosing down the garage and sniffling to myself and feeling sorry for me. Of course I had to get it all over several other things, too. Because I'm super talented. 

     Here's my humiliation: 

Murder On The Garage Floor - My very first quart of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.
     Who wants to cry along with me?


  1. OMG!! ***tears, tears, tissue tissue*** more tears, tissue tisssue

  2. Looks like Dexter was there without the plastic sheeting! On the bright side - may be a great excuse to put a pretty painted finish down.

  3. Ooops!!!!!! How did it look after you tried cleaning it up? :-(

  4. I got the hose and sprayed it all into the drain in the garage. The floor is fine, but alas, the paint gone.