Monday, August 20, 2012

Stuff You Should See

There are some things around the good old internet I enjoy. And you should, too. So, here are some of them:

Jenny teaches you how to make good choices. She's just a lot hilarious. Also, she has a new book!

The nerve of "some people." (aka Lisa Rosenberg, aka "Bob's mom") Bob is funny. And six.

Erin makes me want to hug her, bake her cupcakes, and take her to the beach.

Everyone knows Ree, right? And she is good at everything. She's so neat.

Here is where I made the favicon for my own little blog. So easy - go get yourself one!

Chip It helps you with colors from any picture anywhere online! It's free from Sherwin Williams.

My flooring guy was here the other day to do some repairs. He told me about the wonderful hardwood floor cleaner made by Bruce. Oh my gosh, what a difference! I was using a Shark Vac then Steam. He practically begged me to not use it on my hardwoods ever again. This floor cleaner is so much easier and better. I'm 100% sold!

I learned about getting a $100 gift card for people who bought a Ryan Home.

If you lose your iPhone you need this. It will help you find it. It will allow you to remotely lock it and put on a passcode. It will, in the unfortunate event it becomes necessary, allow you to wipe all your data from a lost iPhone. 

I found this place and lost track of untold amounts of time. 

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  1. Our flooring SR told us that we are not, under any circumstances to use steam on the hardwood floors. She told us we could use a dry swiffer to dust the floors, but not to use anything that would put liquid on the floor like the steam vac or the swiffer wet jet. She also mentioned that the only cleaner we should be using is Bruce Dura-Luster.