Wednesday, March 6, 2013



     Pizza. The newest word we have to spell in front of our dogs. Because the other day we mentioned Pizza to each other and the hounds got so stirred up we could not get them calm again. So we had to send out for pizza. Of course. Because you tell me: Who amongst us is not entirely at the mercy of the whims of their pets? 

     We already had to spell the obvious words: Park!, walk, outside, bacon. We get it. They get excited when they hear certain words and it's really not fair to talk about walks outside in the park with bacon when one isn't prepared to head out the door. But pizza? This came as an endearing surprise. And now it if I want pizza I guess all I have to do is casually mention it in front of the doggage. Go ahead, people who knew the old me. The "I would never have an animal in my house" me. The me of a few years ago. Laugh at how things have changed. You will not be laughing alone, I assure you. Also, you're ALL getting puppies for Christmas! *Not an actual puppies-on-the-way announcement, just an empty threat.