Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stuff My Daughter Shares

One of my kids likes to take to Twitter with the things I say and do. Here are some of her tweets which are either quotes (of things I mostly do not remember saying) or observances. 

Gummy Bears are my homeboys

Upon leaving my great grandma's house "oh... People are starting to look a little bit old." She turned 87 today.

Synergy is the YOLO of the business world.

"Wait I just need to drink the rest of these Pringles" 

Me: "I just lied to somebody." 
Mom: "good job Allie."

Mom watching :What I like is they can really teach U howto be a f*ing lady    

"I almost came to the table without pants on. But then I remembered, we're eating dinner, not breakfast."

When you ask my mom for something she doesn't want to give/do, she'll say "What. I'm not your mom!" oh the absence of perks in adulthood..

Two weeks to get a car. Negative Nancy says this won't be easy.  (Pretty sure this was about me, too. Though I have no proof and did not ask)

I'm shameless, in that my actions do not require or result in shame. 

Xmas was a success  witnessed my mom turn into  as she exclaimed "YOU get a bedroom! &YOU get a bedroom &YOU &YOU!" 

my mom left the kitchen, i followed her very closely asking 'does it bug you when people always follow you around the house like this? 

My mother is a both a comedian and a genius She has me cracking up all the day.  

I'll end on a high note! 


  1. Gummi bears make the best homeboys ever! Looks like Allie has a great role model (pants optional except breakfast).

  2. Aren't lines like these terrific when isolated and out of context? Have to agree on he gummi bears, too - they are indeed the best.