Friday, February 11, 2011

3 in 30 Friday Update: Check-up

      I feel like I haven't done enough this month, but today is Friday so it's check-up day. I did some rearranging in the kitchen. It's great, but it's not a lot. I pretty much took one area of counter space and de-crapified it so I could put the Tassimo and the t-disc holders all in one mostly-out-of-the-way place. I took out the giant dish drainer I have always had in that spot and got a tiny one to put in one side of the sink. With lots of people living here and no dishwasher it seemed practical to have the oversized one, but it took a third of my total counter space. No bueno. I have found myself washing dishes many times throughout the day since I made the change in order to keep up with things. If I can get in this habit and keep it this time it could work out well. Usually my laziness wins because it's my most honed skill. We shall see. So far = progress.

     I have been doing even better than I thought I would at the 'stop eating when I am no longer hungry" thing. Except that night we went to a Japanese steakhouse. All bets are off it you take me to an expensive, or even moderately priced restaurant.

     The final goal is the kitchen project. I haven't moved on it at all this week. I still have half of the month and I have a few laborers who claim they are willing to paint, so we'll see. Someone is still promising to come and take the giant desk in the way in the room where I need to paint. So In my head, I've been kind of blaming her for my lack of progress on that front. It sounds better than "I can't want to." Right? 

     I've been making lots of waffles, doing lots of dishes, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and I gave the dog a bath. I'm practically superwoman, even if I haven't painted the cabinets yet.

     I keep forgetting to buy the pretty index cards and stuff to make Sam's box. When I got home from the store the other day and realized I forgot I was feeling skunky about it. Sam? I think you need to make kits and sell them on ebay and/or etsy. Just sayin'.


  1. *snort* I think people would love me and then immediately hate me! I could make you a box! Or send you all the stuff! I am enjoying purging warped pots, but lots of good stuff I paid good money for that I am never going to use! YARD SALE!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Loved your comment and totally agree w/ you. I was over it on day
    Thanks for stopping by :)