Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do Try This At Home: Potato Waffles

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     You know how I've always wondered about potato waffles? How I have wondered aloud so many times about putting mashed potatoes in a waffle iron and how it would be? How I've fantasized about gravy in all the little waffle-wells? Well I finally got a waffle iron thanks to the good folks at CSN stores and Ashley over at Go Get S.M.A.S.H.E.D.(I won Ashley's CSN giveaway for $75 and got this awesome waffle iron!) I know you can get waffle irons for less money, but I splurged since it was a win and I am glad I did.

     I realize as I write this that this post is meaningless without pictures. So, because I want to be a good blogger I will go right now, at 10:00 on Sunday morning, and make a potato waffle to show you. I just hope I remember my camera and to take a picture. I forget stuff a lot. Seriously.

     Forgive the terrible photo. I took my camera in the kitchen, took pictures of silly stuff, and then the battery died as I put the potato on the waffle iron. Classic. Here is my spectacular photo taken with my phone. Please note the original 1950's speckled laminate counter in all it's glory. Please send paypal.

I realized I need a whole cup of potatoes to make a full potato waffle vs. the half cup of batter to make a 'normal' waffle. I scoff at normal! If I get a lot of comments I will bake cupcakes today! (So leave me a lot of comments and make me get up and quit being lazy!


  1. Oh, potato waffles... I must try these... (please don't mind me as I drool all over my keyboard.)

    Honestly, you have me at potato just about ANYTHING. ;)

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to try potato pancakes/waffles! Need to get on it!!!