Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life Gets Even Better When You Discover Groupon

     Please forgive me the potentially lame play on words in the title. I've seen Groupon around internet town. I thought it was pretty cool to get great deals on stuff. I like deals. If I'm being honest, I love deals! So imagine my squeals of delight the other day when I was at my Discover card account online and saw that I can get a big honkin' 20% cash back on Groupon buys. Helloooooo!
     What kind of deals have I bought through Groupon? Today I bought a $10 Cold Stone Creamery gift certificate for $5. That's the Groupon deal. If you sign up with Groupon they will mail you the daily deals. You sign up specific to your city but you can click on the city and change it and buy whatever you want. (Which is pretty cool, if you ask me.) Last week I bought a half price family pass to the Akron Zoo and got back around $7 through Discover cashback bonus. I also got a $20 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble for $10 and $2 back through Discover. 

     Right now you can also get $40 for FTD florists for $20. If you go though Discover - you get another $4. There are often massage deals and other luxury type deals. Today when I changed my city to Akron/Canton I see a fantastic deal for $200 worth of frames and lenses at Novus Clinic for $40! (If you use Discover and go through their site you would get $8 cash back, making $200 of glasses cost $32! That's a great deal by any standards.
      Check your city on Groupon. Check other cities nearby. Check cities far away, because some things can be used online or other places. If you have a Discover card go to your account online and shop through their website for an additional 20% in cash back. I love the Discover cash back program. I pay my AT&T bill and cable bill and any other bill I can with my Discover card. I just funnel the cash from our checking account to the card instead of directly to AT&T, Time Warner, and the utility company. Ditto groceries and gasoline. The cash back rewards build up fast and I cash them out for Discover gift cards for no fee. 

Now go on, get your Groupon!

* I was not compensated for this post. I am just sharing a good deal. I will get credit for referring you if you click on my Groupon links in this post.