Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cleveland Auto Show. Pretty Neat!

Wow! What a paint job! I think Chevy wants me to drive this.

I would promise to be courteous and let people out in traffic.

Honest. (I crack me up!)

Those generals look serious.
Aren't you impressed?

The end. Or not.
Sealed with a Kiss.
I just love this part.
Think 'tank'.
Last, and certainly least: A picture of me with the gorgeous corvette.

Also, while we're talking about the auto show, Check out the big Chevy facebook button on the top of the sidebar. If you are from Northeast Ohio there is a new giveaway every day for you. Just click that button, go to their facebook page and leave a comment every day. Each day is a new prize and a new chance to win! 

The prizes this week are $50 gift certificates to Tower City Center. Go get 'em!

*Thanks to Northeast Ohio Chevy dealers for giving the Chevy Girls VIP tickets to the auto show. 


  1. I did see it, got some pics too. Beautiful art work! Too bad we didn't catch each other there, fellow chevygirl! I'll try to do a post on the show later as well.