Friday, January 27, 2012


     There is not much left to do until our house is ready for action. Frankly, I feel like they should just deliver my appliances tomorrow and let me at it. But alas, Ben (our project manager) is a perfectionist and wants to touch up and retouch and light all the candles before he hands over the keys. Here is what we saw today when we went to see the house:

*In no particular order, because between my computer and blogger I don't know which one is more stubborn. It's a real pain to get things in a certain order and I'm just too doggone tired to deal with it.

Boys Bathroom: Granite: Wheat Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet

Front Door Exterior
Front Door Interior - oops! They are changing this

Kitchen Corner - excuse the dirty floors - we're animals!
Floor: Sugar Creek Maple: Cinnamon
Cabinets: Timberlake Maple Butterscotch Glaze
Hardware: Oil Rubbed Bronze/Antique Bronze
Counters: Black Pearl/Brazil Black

Granite's lookin' good!

Kitchen Sink/Window

Front Bedroom

View from living room - great dumpster!

Blurry Back Bedroom

More floor - Living room

Office - Sugar Creek Maple floors. Color: cinnamon

What's wrong with this picture?  Can you see it?
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being "Who cares?" and 10 being "Oh no they di-in't" rate this problem.

     Do I need to say I am so happy with the selections we made that 'happy' doesn't begin to do justice to the way I feel? They were working on our oak staircase when we were at the house. One of the guys was sanding his heart out. They are going to be glorious! I keep looking at all the pictures of the house. No matter what I'm doing I just have to stop and look at them. I told my husband today that when I move in I'll probably be sitting in the house looking at pictures of the house.


  1. In the master bath picture is the faucet on the wrong side? I've looked at your picture and that's what I think you meant.

    Not sure how I would deal with that, but I would think it would be an issue because it's where someone would sit in the tub.

    I have to say it looks wonderful! I'm very excited for you guys!

  2. Thanks! And yes, the faucet would be right in our face when we sit. The other option would be to sit up against the drain, negating the jet hitting me in my back, which was the reason we upgraded the bath to a luxury owner's bath. I told Ben I would send him a picture of it. I'm curious to see how he will fix it, because it certainly can't stay the way it is.

  3. That stinks! I hope there is a acceptable fix to this. Please update the solution they come up with.

  4. Hope they are able to fix the bathtub situation to your satisfaction. You are really getting so close! I showed the pics of your master bath to DH and now we will be putting in a change order to get the ORB fixtures throughout the house. He's not been big on a lot of the upgrades, but as soon as he saw your bathroom, he said, "Why aren't we getting that?" So, our SR is going to love us for doing another change order. She's going to be so happy when our time is up for making changes :)

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