Saturday, January 7, 2012

Drywall and A Hipster Llama

     We had to go to the neighborhood to watch the baby yesterday, and since we were there we stopped by the house. The drywall is hung and the mud & tape has been done.

     Cabinets, stair railing, lock sets, doors galore, granite tops for bathrooms, and baseboards filled the garage. Literally!
Loaded Garage. Pretty Exciting stuff!

The drywall is up everywhere. Also thrilling. I love my giant kitchen/family room area:

 They are keeping my oak staircase well protected. 

The catwalk in the Bonus room/ extra groovy bedroom:

My sighing tub, with natural light!

And just for fun, a hipster llama:


  1. It looks great Tammi! Have they put the brick on yet? I can'y wait to get to this point.

  2. The siding and stone go up soon!

  3. It is moving along so fast. You think things went fast so just wait...the last 4 weeks of the process you can go twice a day and you will find something new each trip. Everything is looking fantastic!!!!