Sunday, January 1, 2012

We Have A Garage Door

     We stood in this garage the other day and it felt big to me. I can't wait to:
  • Have a garage
  • Have a dining room
  • Have more than one bathroom
  • Have a garbage disposal
  • Have a dishwasher
  • Have modern faucets
  • Have a third floor laundry
  • Have a jacuzzi tub
  • Have that snazzy central vacuum
  • Have a fireplace
  • Have ample parking
  • Have nice floors
  • Have plenty of bedrooms
  • Have beautiful windows
  • Have lots of cabinets
  • Have plenty of counters
  • Have an office for my work-at-home husband
  • Have central air
  • Have family across the street
  • Move in!


  1. I think I saw your home on FOX8 this morning. They were showing viewer photos of the snow and it was a picture from a Ryan neighborhood in Wadsworth and I could see your house down the street :)

  2. I would add a list here, but I will just say that I too .... Can't Wait!