Saturday, January 21, 2012

Since I Am Not Sleeping...

    I might as well share. I Stopped by the house and almost drove right past it:


Went inside and she was all painted:

Then I went upstairs and saw the bathroom without the cardboard:
And took another picture of the shower:

Then I headed to the basement and saw this little Devil: 

The kickplate for this guy is installed under the kitchen sink, too! 

     I was pretty excited. I think the closer it gets to being done the more emotional I get. I nearly cried.

     The roads in our (nearly finished) development were not plowed at all. I found it rather shocking! Anyone else experience this? Isn't it the responsibility of the city?


  1. Everything looks great! Love your bathroom tile!
    As for the plowing, when we moved into our current community, the township stopped plowing right before our house and didn't continue through the rest of the neighborhood. I was told it was because the roads weren't finished but were temporary roads so they would be chewed up by the plows.

  2. House looks great! Watching yours go in makes me miss all the excitement of watching ours go up!

    The plows just went by our house today after our massive 2 inch snowstorm last night. Rachel is right - until roads get their final top coat, they normally aren't plowed because the plow can hit the manhole covers and create all sorts of havoc. In major storms they can raise the plow a bit if necessary.

    Also, in some places like where I live now, the county or town doesn't plow - its up to the homeowner's association. So, until the association gets up and running, no plow, no grass mowing, no stormwater pond maintenance etc...

  3. We are one of the last homes in the neighborhood, so the HOA should be good to go. Maybe the roads aren't totally finished. I never considered it a possibility in a neighborhood this old.

  4. Just so you know, I read every word of your house diary. Thanks for letting me share in the excitement!