Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tile & Grout Question

     When I started reading all the Ryan Homes bloggers I could find I read about sealing the tile & grout from someone. They might have done a video or shared a video with us. Can anyone tell me what they did to seal the grout? I know it was a miracle how simple it was to do it. Anyone? Ferris? Bueller?

     I'm so good I'm going to answer my own question. I just found the post I was looking for  on BD's blog. I should have known. I actually searched several posts on the blog and then found it a different way.


  1. Here you go I saw the same thing but can't remember who's blog. I think they built a Waverly...


  2. I should have finished reading your post LOL as you answered your own question. He but I was right on both :)